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S84 Logo. Video production company based in Los Angeles, CA.

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S84 logo. Video production company based in Los Angeles, California.


This is where the project is birthed. It is the creation, writing, organizing, and planning stage of a project. In development, a preliminary budget is made, key talent and/or subjects are chosen, key creatives are chosen, main locations scouted, and multiple script drafts may be written.

Pre-production is the planning process and execution of every task that must take place before production begins. It usually begins once the script is finished and involves the client, director, cinematographer, producers, other key creatives and stakeholders.

Production is the stage of the filmmaking process where the story described in the script is actualized with the filming of each scene depicted in it. Our on-set production crew usually consists of the producer, director, cinematographer, gaffer, grip, HMU, and production assistant.

Post-Production is the stage after production when the filming is wrapped and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins. Post-Production refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, sound effects, just to name a few.

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